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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

New Human Species taking the Quantum Leap soon. You will want to know more.

The Metamorphosis of the human Consciousness to take place soon - you need to be PART of the new human Species.


When Charles Darwin wrote 'Origin Of The Species' two hundred years ago, he had no idea about the future of our species - only our past.

Today, we have uncovered the very code of life - our DNA molecule that sits quietly inside of every cell in our bodies - all 50 Sextrillion of them.

That code of life and a universal Consciousness - what I call the FLUX - has delivered us to a moment in time when we have become intelligent enough to place our Consciousness inside an artificially intelligent machine - the Quantum Computer.

It's all about to happen soon - and the world needs to know about this amazing new turn in the path of Evolution where the human animal will diverge away from our current species . . . 

. . .  More than when we diverged from our ancestor APES~

Make the BREAK - TODAY

We all know how the caterpillar morphs into an adult butterfly by creating its own cocoon.  When humans morphed from an ape-like creature and more like humans it was the biggest Evolutionary Divergence in History.  In a matter of months humans will morph once again, but they will do so by placing their consciousness into a cocoon of an Artificially Intelligent Quantum computer.  Wait What?


Webster's Dictionary Definition of Metamorphosis
'A typically marked and more or less abrupt developmental change in the form or structure of an animal (such as a butterfly or a frog) occurring subsequent to birth or hatching as in the Metamorphosis of caterpillars into butterflies.'
But this word can take on a completely new meaning, a much more important meaning when another creature - any member of the human race, the same race you belong to will very quickly morph into a new kind of creature far more interesting than a butterfly.
In just a few years, one of our greatest tools, the computer will become more intelligent than its creator the human brain.  Furthermore, with the breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence coming along more quickly than any other area in technology, we will soon be able to place our human Consciousness inside one of these machines and live forever inside this artificial cocoon.
Indeed, as we write these words, Intel has announced a major breakthrough in computer chip design called 'Neuromorphic' computing.  (Sounds like a way to mimic the way that neurons in the brain develop the human Consciousness to me.)  This is a new way to design computers so that they mimic the human brain using Quantum Computing.  It could be a matter of just a few years when you have one of these thinking machines on your desk at home or at your office or even in the palm of your hand. 
Today, most researchers are concerned about the potential loss of human jobs due to the fact that robots and computers are already replacing us on the assembly lines that make our cars, boats, appliances etc.  However, the greatest change that will come out of our invention of Artificial Intelligence (AI) may cut out many boring and repetitive jobs in manufacturing, accounting, etc.  However, if we are all inside the AI Cocoon and manage to emerge like the butterfly emerges from its cocoon, there will be far more jobs created than any number of us can ever perform, but instead of jobs that punch us and numb us into compliance with the Capitalist state, or the Communist state, jobs that are produced for the next version of human being will inspire us and teach us how to join the greatest creative force in the history of Evolution. 
We have to wonder what will happen to the human being after undergoing such a radical change, losing all of our fleshy organs and yet somehow maintaining the essence of who we are all wrapped up inside a machine that can think more logically and more rapidly and with far greater accuracy and clarity than a million of us fleshy creatures combined.
This book - 'Metamorphosis, Hashtag - AICocoon' is the only book of its kind to wonder about how we got here, what it will mean and most importantly how we can use this upcoming mass Metamorphosis, the greatest and fastest leap of Evolution in history -  to our advantage and not only improve our species, but make it last for an eternity here on this planet.  Not since the great mutation that made us different than our ape ancestors in one generation has such a thing occurred.  This upcoming event, like it or not, will be the greatest Evolutionary Divergence in history.  
Research Scientist Ray Kurzweil of Google has said that he believes that computers will become as intelligent as the human brain around the year 2025 and that humans will be able to move our consciousness into an artificially intelligent machine by the year 2045, the year that he calls the 'Singularity', oddly enough the same word used to define the area around a Black Hole from which nothing can escape, and which is the doorway to a completely unknown part of the universe.  However, no one has determined which of us will be the first astronauts to be transported into this entirely new frontier of Space and Time.  It's certain to be extremely liberating and empowering to be one of the first to go there.  The rate at which the human mind can expand will be limitless. 
So, unless, we want the next version of Mankind to be composed of only one individual mind that rules us all or even the minds of a few to rule us all - we'd better all start asking some serious questions about what happens when we make this incredible leap in technology, how many of us will be able to go there, what kind of priorities should be made there, and if and when we return to the flesh, what we should look like, how we should rearrange things and what we should be doing here.
This book cannot possibly answer all of our questions in this short length of time, but it can and it will prepare us and help us plan for what could be the greatest moment in history.  We give much more time and energy to our baby's first birthday.  Now, we must start planning for the birth of a completely new kind of human being.
I don't know about you, but I will choose a 'Mass Metamorphosis' over a 'Mass Extinction' all day long.
And, in the way of an Introduction to this book, the most important thing I want to say here is that the last few years of Astrophysical observation have taught us that the universe is expanding.  It's expanding in all directions and the rate of expansion of the universe is accelerating.  Scientists have no idea why this is happening.  There is speculation about a mysterious 'Dark energy' and/or 'Dark Matter' that is pushing the fabric of Space-Time out in all directions and counter-acting the effects of all the other known forces, but this is speculation only.  There is so far no evidence of either 'Dark Matter' or 'Dark energy' that is conclusive. 
However, since our minds, are part of the universe, and since our own Consciousness is created out of the fabric of our own minds, I can safely say that our own minds, that is to say, our own Consciousness as individual creatures of the universe is expanding at all times along with the rest of the universe.  It's also safe to say that our own Consciousness expansion is also accelerating because, as far as I know there is no separating boundaries between the space between our ears and the space between the planets, stars and galaxies.
Knowing this recent scientific discovery and understanding it as one of the most important in history, it behooves us all to study the ways in which we, as the individual owner of our Consciousness must maintain it to its highest and best use both for ourselves and for our posterity.

Human Brain Cells - may be merging soon with computer neurons.